Starting the New Year with some LilBUBome updates

Hi All,

Happy New Year! We hope everyone has had a great start to 2016!

We know things have been a bit quiet around the LilBUBome, but the second half of last year was a busy time for us: Daniel, Dario and the sequencing team at the Max Planck Institute completed the sequencing of BUB’s DNA (we blogged about it here and here), and we’ve since been analyzing the data and following up on candidate mutations. We also did a bit of outreach, talking at various venues about sequencing BUB’s genome with the help of crowdfunding – and what an amazing experience has been to work with such a special cat and so many supporters!


In October we talked about the LilBUBome at the Sanger Institute postdoc retreat. While we were there we were allowed to have a quick look at their sequencing facility – and of course we took a picture for you!.

In addition, we’ve compiled a series of videos, which we’ll be releasing over the following weeks, where we try to explain what we did, why and how we did it and how you can go about sequencing a genome.

Today, let us introduce the first installment of the LilBUBome videolog. We hope you enjoy!

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