Thank you!!!

Hi all,

Wow!!! The LilBUBome crowdfunding is over. We have to admit that these last 40 days of fundraising (and the previous days of preparation) have been quite exhausting – but also unbelievably exciting. This was our first experience with crowdfunding, and we always had the fear of not getting funded. Not because of the money, but because it would have meant that we did not manage to explain how amazingly interesting this project is. So we are really glad to have finally reached our goal (and a little bit more), and about all the positive feedback we have received!

A BIG THANK YOU goes undoubtedly to the 248 backers who decided to join the project. We appreciate not only your support but also your interaction with us. All of you contributed to achieve the first essential part of this project. And now it is our turn!!!!!

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Crowdfunding just went live!

We’re super-excited! Crowdfunding just went live – if you want to help us investigate the science behind Lil Bub’s special looks and magic, go to our site and donate. We are grateful for every donation, regardless if it’s 5$, 10$, 10$ (or even more). Our crowdfunding campaign is an all-or-nothing process, which means that if we don’t raise the complete amount until May 24th we will not get a single penny, and we will not be able to sequence Lil Bub. So don’t be shy, and don’t hesitate to help the LilBubome become reality!

Just go on our site and click the

Just go on our site and click the “Fund this project” button.

Thanks so much for your support!!!