The secret life of scientific results

In case you ever wondered what happens to scientific results after you share them with others, we wanted to give you a brief glimpse into what happened to the LilBUBome after we posted our data on bioRxiv two weeks ago.

First of all, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Tons of people tweeted about it, including comments like this

and this….

Also, journalists picked up on our findings and wrote about them, helping us reach even more people! We’ve compiled a list of press coverage here, and would also like to name a few articles that are close to our heart: Early on, Science Magazine shared a brief interview with me and Leslie Lyons. Then, a couple of days later the Washington Post had a long article about the LilBUBome featuring Daniel and Dario.


Screenshots from our Washington Post and Science coverage! 🙂

In addition, we were really happy that some people who wrote about this project years ago, when we were still crowdfunding (see here and here), wrote about us again (here and here)! Sasha Karberg and Máté Varga – THANK YOU! All this coverage clearly inspired a lot of people to delve more deeply into the story of the LilBUBome – for example, we’ve had more than 1700 page views on our blog over the past 5 days!

And the life of the LilBUBome exists beyond the written word, too! As a friend of ours reported when he attended the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Human Genetics someone actually mentioned the LilBUBome!

We can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is to see our data take on a life of it’s own! Thank you all, and please share with us if you come across any more reports!


Axel Visel highlights the LilBUBome results at #GfH2019.

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