Too much information – how to find something in BUBs genome

Hi everybody,

if you followed us here and here, you know that we have sequenced and mapped all of BUB’s genetic information.

Today we want to show you how we try to cut through all of the information that a genome holds to reveal the variants that we think made BUB BUB!

It’s all pretty exciting and also just a first glimpse on what we can find if we analyze even further! In any case. Have a nice weekend and fun watching – and as always: Let us know what you think or if you have any questions! We will answer. Pinky-promise (or in German: Großes Indianerehrenwort!)




For the nerds of you: here’s a link to the software we used, it’s Platypus developed by Andy Rimmer and friends in Cambridge, UK.

For everyone – here’s the cool pic of the Hemingway Cats.

source (


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