What is the LilBUBome?
The LilBubome is a project to sequence the whole genome of LilBub to find the bits that make her so special. We provide regular updates about the project on our blog, our twitter feed and our facebook page.

Does the sequencing of her genome harm Lil Bub in any way?
No, not at all! To get DNA from Lil Bub we only need a small blood sample, which is taken expertly by her vet, and then shipped to our laboratory in Germany.

Why are you doing this?
We are scientists, who love cats and genetics. Bringing a bit of genetics to a really special cat seems like a wonderful chance to combine these two passions and at the same time understand Lil Bub better. We also think it’s a fun and exciting project  – something we’d like to share with all our readers. You can read more about our personal motivation here.

I want to help – how do I do that?
The easiest way is to donate to our crowdfunding effort. If you have other suggestions, we are very open to ideas – please contact us! And if you’d rather help pets in need – there’s Lil Bub’s Big FUND, a partnership program between Lil Bub and the ASPCA to help homeless pets with special needs.

How can I donate?
All our crowdfunding is done via experiment.com – you can visit the page, and follow their instructions. Experiment.com is an all-or-nothing funding platform, which means the project will only be launched, if we reach the full 100% of our funding goal. So every little contribution matters to help us take off!

Will you make the data from the LilBUBome publicly accessible?
Yes. We want to make the LilBUBome an open science project: we’ll be giving you regular updates about the progression of the project and we’ll be making the sequencing data openly available, so anyone can have access to perform their own analysis. We’re not quite sure about the logistics of data sharing yet, but we’re hoping to sort that out once we’re at the stage of sequencing. For the time being, if you are interested in access, please e-mail us, and we’ll try to coordinate.

My question is not among the FAQs – What now?
Just write us your question, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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