Lil Bub is at home on the internet, so we are hoping to finance the LilBubome through crowdfunding. By supporting us, you will make it possible for us to bring the science and magic of Lil Bub to you! Our crowdfunding campaign will kick off on the 15th April.

Shiny Things by Jeffrey, via flickr

Shiny Things by Jeffrey, via flickr

In total, we are trying to raise 6.500$. We need this money for the chemicals and materials for sequencing. We’re not here for profit. The work will be a labour of love for us, done in our free time, besides our regular day jobs.

It is a little bit of a gamble, since works on an all-or-nothing basis, so unless we can raise the full amount, no one will be charged and we won’t get a penny.

Please help us discover the science behind Lil Bub’s magical appearance and donate. You can do so by going here and following the instructions. Every donation, no matter how little, helps!

But it doesn’t end there. Leslie Lyons, who’s advising us in this project, heads the 99 cat lives initiative, in which they plan to sequence the genomes of 99 cats to elucidate the genetic basis of cat phenotypes and diseases. Find out more about it here.

LilBUB has for a long time collected money in LilBUB’s Big Fund to help pets with special needs.

Please check out both, LilBUB’s Big Fund and the 99 cat lives, and don’t hesitate to donate to them as well. Like the LilBubome they are not for profit, but for science and the benefit of all beings.


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