Congratulations! It’s a Hemingway.

Hi All,

Last week Daniel was busy in the lab, doing a first experiment for the LilBUBome. And as we briefly posted yesterday: he found something really cool! We actually just wanted to test whether the DNA we extracted from BUB’s blood was of good quality. So we decided to do this by checking the DNA sequence of BUB’s ZRS.

Well, it turns out that with this experiment, we found out why BUB has polydactyly AND discovered at the same time that she’s (very, very, very distantly) related to Ernest Hemingway’s cats!

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10 days later: an update

This is just a short update, having completed the first quarter of crowdfunding. As of this morning the LilBUBome has raised 1,236$ and has 31 backers!!! We’ve had almost 5000 views on our different social media sites!

A big THANK YOU to everyone for bringing momentum to the LilBUBome!

And please don’t forget that our crowdfunding campaign is an all-or-nothing process, which means that if we don’t raise the full 6.500$ by May 24th we won’t get a single penny! If you’d like to help discover the science behind the magic of LilBUB, you can donate on our site:


How to make a LilBubome – Step 1: Extract DNA

You might have already seen it in the video or in our last lab note: We recently received a blood sample from LilBUB. The blood was taken from her during her routine medical check-up with her vet, Dr. Woodruff.

And now that the sample has arrived in our lab, we can start the actual work! For this, what we need to do first, is to extract the DNA from the blood sample. Might sounds sophisticated, but actually: not at all!!!!

DNA extraction is composed by 2 main steps: Continue reading

Crowdfunding just went live!

We’re super-excited! Crowdfunding just went live – if you want to help us investigate the science behind Lil Bub’s special looks and magic, go to our site and donate. We are grateful for every donation, regardless if it’s 5$, 10$, 10$ (or even more). Our crowdfunding campaign is an all-or-nothing process, which means that if we don’t raise the complete amount until May 24th we will not get a single penny, and we will not be able to sequence Lil Bub. So don’t be shy, and don’t hesitate to help the LilBubome become reality!

Just go on our site and click the

Just go on our site and click the “Fund this project” button.

Thanks so much for your support!!!

Getting started: finding the science behind Lil Bub

Hi All,

Daniel, Dario and Uschi here – and this is our first ever post on the LilBUBome blog. We’re three scientists, working in Berlin, Germany and Lyon, France and the LilBUBome is our new pet project. It’s our attempt to sequence the genome of Lil Bub, the cutest internet celebrity cat ever.


This is Lil Bub. She’s an amazingly cute cat living in Bloomington, Indiana, who has thousands of fans and followers across the globe. She has a unique combination of traits and we are looking for the scientific basis of these traits to find out what makes her so special.

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