we’re scientists who normally work on the genetic causes for rare diseases. When we learned about LilBub, we found that she is not only very cute, but probably also has a special genetic mutation that caused her “special features”. She has an extra digit on every paw and suffers from a so far unknown type of  osteopetrosis/hyperostosis.

Because we think that Bub is awesome and we’re curious, we started a crowdfunding campaign to find out the genetic cause for Bub’s appearance.

Usually our experiences in the lab do not overlap with anything in the “real world”. But here we saw the rare opportunity to use or very specialized knowledge about genetics to do something that not only us, but maybe also YOU might be interested it.

If we collect enough money to sequence the genome of LilBUB, we will document our progress on these pages and try to explain what we’re doing.

So click through the pages and have a look. And if there’s something you don’t understand, just ask us.



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