We’re back!

Hi All,

You might have noticed the month-long hiatus on the blog since crowdfunding ended, but we’re back! And we haven’t been completely idle either.


Daniel and Dario checking BUB’s blood sample 🙂

First, we sorted out all the nitty-gritty admin stuff to transfer the money to our account. It has now arrived, so we can actually pay our sequencing facility, and are pretty much ready to go! For this, Daniel and Dario will re-extract some DNA from BUB’s blood sample in the coming week, to make sure that we have enough high quality DNA for our experiment. (No worries, we don’t need a new blood sample for this, we can work with the previous one we got.) Then, hopefully by mid-July everything will be ready to load onto the sequencer… We’ll keep you posted with more details, pictures and videos!

And since we’ll be delving into science soon, just a reminder – in case you have any kind of question or comments, please feel free to contact us anytime! We’re always happy about feedback.

Also, our collaborator Leslie Lyons visited Daniel and Dario in Berlin this week. They discussed a lots of interesting (and important) details on how to proceed with sequencing and analysis. In case you missed it, they wrote about it here.


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