We made it! You are all amazing!!!

With a wonderful donation we just went over the line and made our target of 6,500$!!!!! You are guys are totally amazing, for having made this reality!! We just can’t stop grinning – like a Cheshire cat…

CheshirecatdisneySo, first of all: Thanks to everyone who donated, everyone who shared our project and everyone who just liked to read or hear about this. Together with BUB, you are at the heart of this project!

Second: Crowdfunding is not over yet! We still have 6 days left of crowdfunding. And yes, we do have a stretchgoal in mind! We’re planning to work together with Leslie Lyon’s totally amazing 99Lives project to sequence additional cats that could help our analysis of LilBUB’s genome. However, it’s the middle of the night here, and we need an hour to discuss the best possible option – we promise to specify this tomorrow morning.

And, last but not least: We can’t wait to get the samples sequenced and we can’t wait to do the science and share it with you!!!


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