23 days later, this is where we’re at…

Hi All, 17 days of crowdfunding to go and last week was totally insane: we found a mutation in LilBUB’s genome, which we think causes her polydactyly (!). Also, traffic and support for the project just exploded – we’ve now raised an unbelievable 4,699$ (only 1,801$ to go)! We’ll be bringing you some more scientific content next week, but until then, there are a few things we wanted to say:

  1. First and foremost:sleepy flowers bub a really, really great, big THANK YOU to all our supporters!!!! Really: thanks EVERYONE! We’re soooooo grateful for every single donation (all 143 of them to date!) and all your comments and follows. It means a lot to us – and we look forward to sharing the story as we progress. Also, we do our best to send personal thank you notes to all our backers, but so much has been going on this week that we might not have gotten around to you –yet. We’re working on it and hope to catch up with our back-log next week.
  2. We’ve been doing our best to share insights into the LilBUBome and what it’s all about. But we’re discovering that professional journalists might be better at this than we are. We’ve had some awesome press coverage recently. These are some of our favorites that we’ve come across, so maybe you’ll enjoy them, too: – Rebecca O’Connell wrote a great summary on mental_floss – as did Robin Burks at Tech Times – JaneA Kelley reported about the project on Catster, including a Q&A with Mike, BUB’s dude
  3. Crowdfunding is not yet over! We still have a way to go – and lots of exciting science to look forward to. More about these things next week…

Good Job Everyone! Have a great weekend.


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